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About Teachers

Introduction of Teacher Joy and Teacher Rose.

Sister Makeup was founded since May 1st, 2013

By T.Joy (Miss Kanokporn Khamasingkhi) and T.Rose (Miss Rossukhon Khamasingkhi)

We are passionate about makeup for a long time. We started from making up ourselves. It was our dream to be the “Makeup Artist”.

We started to makeup gradually for graduation day, bride, until a lot of people wanted to study make up with us. So, we opened “Sister Makeup studio” on June 1st, 2013.

After that, we went to study makeup at international level in Hollywood Los Angeles, America.

Cinema Makeup School is in the Top 5 makeup schools in the world.

It produces lots of Makeup Artists for Hollywood Cinema Theater.

We studied with Hollywood’s most experienced makeup artists which comes with many awards.

Vi Niell, who has won the Best makeup award 3 times and her team, got Oscar Awards for 4 times.

She was the makeup artist for these well-known movies,

  • Pirates of the Caribbean,
  • Hunger Games,
  • Batman return

Micheal Spatola won 2 Awards from Emmy-nominated makeup and special effects artist.

  • Terminator 2
  • Ironman
  • Stargate
  • Return of the living dead

Rod Maxwell, who is famous from Face off Reality Show.

Vandy Ann, Beauty makeup Artist in Hollywood for more than 40 years at Hollywood.

We studied at Hollywood.