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Corporate Training Makeup

Corporate Training Makeup With Sister Makeup

Makeup for develop personality; can help develop personal image and the company.

“Reliability” is the most important asset for successful business.

Why Makeup can help personal image and the company.

  1. Because the people believe in what they see more than what they hear. People will decide to do business with us from the first 3 seconds that we meet. Because the first thing that they see is your “image” They don’t want to lose their time from the moment they see you.
  2. The personal image is created from beautiful makeup will make you easy to work with people. This class will suit with the organization that want to live up the level of employee and better personal, confidence for the brand of the organization.

The business nowadays, people think the employee is important in the company because they are at the heart of success or failure. The quality employee or even they don’t have experience or knowledge; they should have a great personality, trust matched with the company policy.

Image personality is a personal trade that will affect the effeminacy of work when we meet other people in the organization and outside. Also it’s the look of the organization. So makeup is very important for working women. This course is not only aim to study makeup only your favorite style but it will help develop your employee for the good image of your company.

Organization course is taught as follows, -How to know about your skin and your face shape.

  • How to choose the cosmetic for yourself.
  • How to draw eyebrows that fit with your face and everyday look.
  • How to apply eyeshadow and fix the eyes including put on the eyelashes.
  • How to contouring, shading for skin to your face shape.
  • How to highlight for makeup to look glowing and standout beyond the average person.
  • How to brush the cheek for your face shape that suits with your skin.
  • How to apply lipstick that suit lip shape and how to choose lipstick color that suits for your makeup.

Makeup training for Burberry