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Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup

For the people who dream to be a professional makeup artist even if you don’t have experience. Teacher Joy and Teacher Rose will teach you to be a professional makeup artist. Guaranteed by experience from

studying in Hollywood, makeup for more than 10 years and teach thousands of makeup artists.

Moreover, teach about how to be a great makeup artist, learning, and training at Sister Makeup studio. Also, you have a chance to join workshops with the makeup team from the company and organization.

We are not the most expensive or cheapest. Our Studio is not the biggest but we concentrate to every single student.

Teaching style

  • Teach one on one
  • Teachers are nice and are there to answer your questions.
  • There are enough teachers to take care of all students.
  • Demonstrate and explain until you understand all.
  • Teach how to do makeup marketing.
  • Teach how to post photos and write captures for your photos.

Course is as follows

  • Career course makeup for bride, makeup model, makeup for men, makeup for graduation day, make up for event or party, etc.
  • 40 hours or 5 days for 25,000 baht

Course:  29,000 baht (deposit 10,000 baht)

Students will get a gift set; cost 4,000 baht for free as follows,

  • Class note
  • Cosmetic and brushes
  • Sister Makeup Apron
  • Provide lunch, drinking water and snack break for 5 days

**You can train and learn new techniques at Sister Makeup studio after you graduated all the time. **


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